Specializing in Diagnostic Evaluations and Developmental Testing for Children
Ages 20 Months to 7 Years


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Areas Assessed

Adaptive Behaviors
Activities of daily living, such as toothbrushing, dressing and grooming, and more.
Speech & Language
Expressive and receptive language, as well as pragmatics.
Social Communication & Interactions
Social and conversational skills, such as turn-taking.
Processing information, acquiring knowledge, memory, and more.
Emotional Functioning
A child's ability to express and regulate emotions, as well as interpret the emotions of others.
Executive Functioning
Self-regulation, planning, organization, and other essential skills for daily acitivities.
Play Skills
Functional and symbolic play skills that are the foundation of a child's development.
A Parent's Guide to Diagnostic Evaluations - Goldman Center of Chicago

A Parent’s Guide to Diagnostic Evaluations


A diagnostic evaluation is a comprehensive assessment that looks at various domains of development including speech and language, cognition, social skills, play skills, and more. The evaluation can provide valuable insights about a child’s development, strengths, areas for growth, and learning style.
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