Chicago Parents Flock to the Goldman Center for Psychological Assessments

The Goldman Center of Chicago is a rare find, offering families pediatric psychological assessment services in a unique, innovative, and family-friendly way.

When Juliet, a mother of three in Lincoln Park, needed a psychologist to assess her son, she didn’t know where to turn. The neighborhood Facebook group she belonged to in which members asked other moms for advice and professional referrals left her discouraged.

When Juliet posted to the group asking for a referral to a psychology group, she was inundated with responses about waiting lists exceeding a year, navigating various bureaucratic hospital systems, endless phone and voicemail trees, and as one mom put it “all the issues of dealing with customer disservice representatives.”

Then Juliet learned about the Goldman Center of Chicago. A knowledgeable intake coordinator answered the phone and walked Juliet through the various steps required. Within a day, Juliet had her call with the psychologist already scheduled.

“The psychologists at the Goldman Center are professional, warm, understanding, and helpful – what I experienced was just what I needed, and the opposite of the challenging and frustrating experiences that other moms shared on the Facebook group. It was like I stumbled across an incredible find that other moms desperately needed.”

Chicago families and professionals have taken notice. The Goldman Center of Chicago and the pediatric psychological assessments have become sought-after. Now parents from all over the state contact the Goldman Center for psychological assessments regarding ADHD, global developmental delays, learning disabilities, autism, and more.

Mia, who works behind the scenes at the Goldman Center, is happy that families see the difference. “We were intentional about creating something special and unparalleled and it seems we are achieving that.”

In 2021, the Goldman Center started offering testing in Spanish to meet the needs of the Spanish-speaking community in Chicago.

The team of Goldman psychologists is proud of its unique and innovative model. From their perspective, just offering pediatric psychologists assessments is not enough to be exceptional. They are just as focused on providing a warm, professional, innovative, culturally sensitive, efficient, and parent-friendly approach.