Free ADHD Screening

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Please answer the following questions regarding your child’s behavior. For the items below, think about whether the statement describes your child’s behavior in the last 6 months and if you have seen the behaviors in multiple settings. Suggested age range of this screening is 6 to 11 years old.

This is meant to be used as an informative tool; It is not a diagnostic tool and does not replace a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a pediatrician or psychologist. If you have concerns about your child’s development, you are encouraged to talk to your pediatrician or a psychologist.

It is very difficult for my child to stay focused on homework or other tasks.*
Even the smallest distraction can throw my child off task.*
My child loses things like homework and personal belongings.*
My child has problems remaining seated even when she/he is supposed to.*
My child tries to avoid activities that require sustained concentration and a lot of mental effort.*
My child fails to complete an activity before moving to the next activity.*
Even when spoken to directly, my child seems to not be paying attention.*
My child talks a lot, even when she/he has nothing much to say.*
My child constantly seems to be fidgeting.*
My child forgets to do things, even when constantly reminded.*
In class or at home, my child blurts out answers to questions before they are fully asked.*
My child is often on the go and has difficulty sitting still for extended periods of time.*
My child has difficulty waiting patiently to take turns and butts ahead in lines or grabs toys from playmates.*
My child interferes in the classroom because she/he has difficulty engaging in quiet activities without disturbing others.*
My child is disorganized and, even with my help, can’t seem to learn how to become organized.*
My child interrupts other peoples’ activities and conversations.*
My child makes careless mistakes.*