Diagnostic Evaluation Process

  • Intake Meeting

    During this first meeting, our psychologist will conduct a parent interview to learn more about your child and explain the diagnostic evaluation process. This is an important part of the process to ensure we have the background information necessary to provide the highest level of individualized care.

  • Testing Appointments

    Testing appointments will be conducted one-on-one with the clinician and your child. Testing may be performed by a psychologist or a testing expert, known as a psychometrician. During the testing, the clinician will assess various areas of development. The length of time for testing can vary depending on factors such as your child’s age or specific areas of concern.

  • Scoring and Analysis

    Following the test administration, the psychologist will score and analyze the assessment results and determine whether your child qualifies for a diagnosis. Based on this information, the clinician will complete a full report that outlines all findings and clinical recommendations.

  • Feedback Meeting

    After our team has completed the analysis and report, you will have a feedback meeting to discuss this information. During the meeting, the psychologist will explain all of their findings from the evaluation, scores on the standardized tests, and whether they will be providing a diagnosis. Based on this, they will offer recommendations for next steps such as additional services that could benefit your child.

Areas Assessed

Adaptive Behaviors
Activities of daily living, such as toothbrushing, dressing and grooming, and more.
Speech & Language
Expressive and receptive language, as well as pragmatics.
Social Communication & Interactions
Social and conversational skills, such as turn-taking.
Processing information, acquiring knowledge, memory, and more.
Emotional Functioning
A child's ability to express and regulate emotions, as well as interpret the emotions of others.
Executive Functioning
Self-regulation, planning, organization, and other essential skills for daily acitivities.
Play Skills
Functional and symbolic play skills that are the foundation of a child's development.