Online Autism Questionnaire

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Please answer the following questions regarding your child’s behavior. For most of the questions, think about whether your child has exhibited the behavior in the last 4-6 weeks. Suggested age range of this screening is 2 to 6 years old.

This is meant to be used as an informative tool; It is not a diagnostic tool and does not replace a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a pediatrician or psychologist. If you have concerns about your child’s development, you are encouraged to talk to your pediatrician or a psychologist.

When you point to something, does your child look?*
Does your child have problems speaking or babbling?*
Does your child prefer to play alone?*
Does your child engage and interact with other adults?*
Does your child engage in repetitive or echoed speech?*
Does your child get upset about minor changes to the routine?*
Does your child look at and examine toys closely?*
Does your child prefer eating the same foods or a very small range of foods?*
Does your child engage in imaginative play?*
Does your child arrange items in rows or patterns?*
Does your child respond to his or her name?*
Does your child maintain eye contact when you are interacting with him or her?*
Is your child sensitive to light, noise, textures, or temperature?*
Does your child tend to get angry easily or often?*
Does your child frequently engage in repetitive behaviors (e.g. spinning, flapping hands, pacing)?*
Does your child use typical social greetings (e.g. waving or saying “hi”/“bye”)?*
Does your child seek connections with others (e.g. hugs, showing, giving, smiling)?*